The Town That Danced Again

Ashley steps up to face his biggest ever challenge as he attempts to get the whole town of Stockton-On-Tees on its feet and dancing in the streets for a brand new Sky1 series!

In his most ambitious dance project to date, Ashley, with the help of Diversity, will hit the town to persuade the people of the northern market town to join him in a street dance spectacular, which he hopes will bring the whole community together.

Stockton-on-Tees has a proud dance heritage. Through the war years and right up until the 1960s, the North East’s thriving market town boasted an impressive three dance halls, more than average for a town of its size.

From the jitterbug and the jive to the shuffle and swing, each weekend the halls and clubs shaked to the sound of music as the community danced its cares away.

But in the 1970s the dance halls began to close, and it seemed that Stockton had forgotten how to dance.

Ashley plans to change all that.

He aims to create a dazzling street-dance showdown that will reinvigorate the entire town, create a new community spirit and get thousands of people dancing in celebration. He’ll start by bringing together people who have similar jobs but who never meet.

From shop assistants and market traders, teachers and librarians, to council staff and care workers, Ashley will unite the town’s workers by choreographing a series of individual street dance routines.

Then, for one day only, Stockton’s high street, the widest in Britain, will be transformed into the UK’s largest open air venue as Ashley and his workers bring the routines together. He’ll lead the whole town in an unforgettable, show-stopping street-dance finale.